Critical Habitat Assessments, Biodiversity Strategy Plans, Biodiversity Action Plans


International Biodiversity Consultants - Critical Habitat Assessments
International Biodiversity Consultants - Critical Habitat Assessments

Ma’ameer Channel is an important nationally protected area in Bahrain and a connecting tidal channel from Tubli Bay, a Ramsar site for internationally important numbers of migratory and over-wintering wading birds.

Work on this project included scoping and site visits, conducting a Critical Habitat Assessment review by a third-party consultant and preparing a Biodiversity Strategy Management Plan. This included development of a biodiversity calculator to calculate losses (m2) of grey mangrove, Avicennia marina and the offset required to ensure No Net Loss and achieve a Net Gain for the project.

Field support to deliver the project Biodiversity Action Plan was also provided, along with engagement with key regulatory stakeholders and advising construction contractors.

Turkey / Russia

Our staff acted as Lead Biodiversity Consultant on the Southstream/Turkstream (Russia to Turkey trans-national gas pipeline project) focusing on onshore interconnectors and marine offshore installation areas.

The pipeline has now been completed and installed, however, support was still required in order to deliver mitigation for Critical Habitats (protected species and threatened habitats). Review and updating of existing documentation were also required including a Habitat and Restoration Landscape Plan and a Project Biodiversity Action Plan. In addition, a review of subcontractor activities was also necessary in order to deliver conservation related actions prior to external review by Lenders Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (LESC).