Environmental Management

East Yorkshire, UK

International Biodiversity Consultants - Environmental Management

IBC provided services as Environmental Manager for a 1 km 48-inch Gas Pipeline Project (Early Works within a SSSI, SPA and SAC).

The role included successful negotiation in obtaining permits from the Environment Agency for crossing rivers and other water bodies. Liaising with Natural England with respect to mitigation works within a SPA/SAC area.

Kent, UK

International Biodiversity Consultants - Consultancy Support
International Biodiversity Consultants - Consultancy Support

Environmental Manager for a 23 km 36-inch Gas Pipeline Project, including NTS Terminal Works; Grain LNG Interconnector 48-inch gas pipeline project.

Project secondment included arranging environmental consents and permits, liaising with regulatory bodies, report writing, ecological, environmental, archaeological and contaminated land staff supervision, attending meetings and liaising with senior project managers and designers.