Ecology and Biodiversity

At IBC, we are dedicated to helping clients conserve and enhance their environment and our core focus is to integrate a Nature-based Solutions approach ensuring greater societal well-being and positive benefits for biodiversity.

IBC are independent biodiversity specialists with experience at organising and managing ecological assessments, designing mitigation management and undertaking independent audits for Lending Institutions. Some of the services we have undertaken include:

Terrestrial and Aquatic Assessments (freshwater and marine)

  • Comprehensive desk-studies screening to international level and integrating latest green data approaches
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs) undertaken to Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) UK based standards
  • Site scoping
  • Detailed field habitat and species assessments
  • Organising and project management of expert and niche specialists and field surveys
  • Utilising latest methods e.g. environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis
  • Cross-discipline liaison and input including involvement with stakeholder engagement stages
  • Working closely with stakeholders including statutory and regulatory agencies for project approvals

Biodiversity Mitigation and Management

  • Working with clients to develop comprehensive Strategic Management Plans
  • Development of Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs) and Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and Monitoring programmes
  • Detailed design and development of mitigation including ensuring No Net Loss by offsetting and through delivering Net Gains

Financial Lending Compliance Requirements

  • Experienced involvement of IFC Performance Standard 6 and EBRD Performance Review 6
  • Biodiversity Risk Profiling (Critical Habitat Assessments)
  • Undertake site visits and conduct audits to international standards including review of project processes, mitigation, monitoring and safe-guards
  • Check and review of work undertaken by third-party consultants and providing assistance where necessary

Biomonitoring programmes

  • Developing or advising on biomonitoring programmes
  • Advising on technology efficiency inputs
  • Assisting with local resourcing